Acid Mystic Het Lavender

Acid Mystic Het Lavender

“Acid Mystic Het Lavender” refers to a specific genetic combination found in ball pythons, which are a popular species of snake kept as pets. Let’s break down the terms:

1. Acid: “Acid” is a morph or genetic mutation found in ball pythons. It typically refers to a pattern and color variation that produces unique markings on the snake’s body. Acid pythons often have striking, contrasting patterns and colors.

2. Mystic: “Mystic” is another morph in ball pythons that affects the snake’s pattern and coloration. Mystic pythons typically display a bluish hue and have intricate patterns.

3. Het: “Het” stands for “Heterozygous” and indicates that the snake carries the genetic trait for another morph, in this case, the Lavender morph. “Het” means heterozygous, which refers to the snake carrying only one copy of the genetic trait.

4. Lavender: “Lavender” is a morph in ball pythons that affects the snake’s coloration. Lavender pythons typically have a light purple or lavender hue on their bodies.

In summary, “Acid Mystic Het Lavender” refers to a ball python with a combination of genetic traits that result in unique markings, bluish coloration, and potentially carrying the genetic trait for the Lavender morph. This specific genetic combination creates an attractive and distinctive appearance in ball pythons.

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